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Well, hello reader and welcome to my little world that I've recently discovered by the power of Google.

I'm known as Artemis, that's not my real name, but it's a name I've always enjoyed and wished it was my actual birth name. I guess I should say a little about me.

I'm currently 18 years of age.

I'm 5'3ft.

I've recently cut my hair to a really short bob that I'm happy with.

I'm about to graduate high school, maybe, if I can bring my grades up.

To explain my personality, I'm a curious child that loves to explore and learn things that I never knew. I try to be an energetic, fun-loving person to people who consider me as their comrade.

Now, to the gritty part that usually people like to know about when the theme of the site is basically self-harm.

Well, I haven't self-harmed in almost a year, however, I still have the urges constantly. How I used to self-harm was a complete mess. I would do ANYTHING to make some mark on my body. I would pull my hair, bite/pick/peel/scratch/cut/burn/bruise/pinch/poke my skin and body; it wouldn't have mattered what kind of object I had, as long as it left some bruise/cut/etc on my body, then I would be satisfied. What was my reasoning for it? Well, unlike people who do it for punishment/pleasure/aesthetic/coping mechanism/etc. I would do it because I was curious and bored til it became an addiction to hurt myself any physical way possible. I've had therapy for PTSD, which that is a long story to get into, but maybe one day I will, and self-harm. I was threatened by my therapist that I would be hospitalized if I continued to self-harm, so I started to harm at places that no one would notice or I can explain to be an accident.

I guess that's all I'll say for now, if I even keep up with this new diary thing on here, but since this place is dead I don't think anyone will read my stuff. All well, that won't bother me any.

Anyways, I hope you have a nice day/night.


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